Monday, January 12, 2015

Maze Runner

Small disclaimer: If I draw and colour something, and perhaps add some music than it might reflect a thought or a feeling about someone and/or myself, or it might be a reflection of something or someone that I've seen that I know or don't know, or just an imaginative situation; perhaps only one word in the music could be a message to someone or someone else, often not, and its just the vibe or even pure chance. Sometimes it might be a subconscious feeling and/or a knee-jerk reaction or a pure imaginative connection. Might be deep could be shallow. Perhaps I should limit myself more in what I do, but than again you the observer can also draw a line ... in your thoughts ... I could write a lot or a little more but I guess you got the point by now. Anyway, regarding this image, the colours and vibe are based on a girl I saw in the street all dressed in black with a scarf, even the lipstick and some red detailed sportswear, it's rare that I've seen anyone like that; very sad, aggressive and enigmatic all at the same time.